How to avoid getting scammed.

Look out for these red flags.
1.  The scamster contacted YOU and YOU didn’t

This doesn’t always mean you are getting scammed. You may have responded to a
job advert or similar.

2. You are offered what appears to be a once in a lifetime offer and it looks like you
will be getting paid better with more holidays and mega bucks! Pays better, more
time off, easy hours, flexible everything.

And the most obvious RED FLAG?

3.  You are asked to send money, right now, to an unknown person, usually through
Western Union or similar money services?

Reality is, visas are not free. So you do need to pay for one. Make sure you do
through research on your agent and check their online pages for references and
testimonials. Once you can do your research you can easily avoid being scammed.

Here are some other redflags to be on the lookout for.
1. Bad spelling and grammar! This is one of the easy things to spot.
2. Over-promising
3. If it sounds too good to be true…
4. Anonymous or suspicious email address
Go through their website!!!

Good Luck!

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