Teach English in China

China is a diverse country with millions of people wanting to learn English.

There are tons of opportunities for foreigners to come over and start teaching.

China has a unique friendly culture with so much to offer.

It’s the no.1 destination to teach English.

Requirements to Teach in China:


  • Bachelors degree.

  • TEFL certificate.

  • Clean criminal background check.

Watch our Video On Job Placement Requirements:


The Job Placement Process:

Our partners in China are putting up dozens of new jobs daily.

Each Job has a unique Job reference number.

Choose a job or jobs that interest you.


Send us an email containing:


  • The Job reference number.

  • A copy of your passport.

  • A copy of your Police clearance certificate.

  • Resume / CV

  • Introductory video.

  • A copy of your TEFL certificate.

  • Copy of bachelor’s degree.


We will send it off to our partners. If your application is successful the School will send back two letters of employment.

We will then need to Authenticate Your TEFL, bachelor’s degree and Police Clearance certificate.


Obtaining your Chinese Work Visa:


Visit the Chinese Embassy with the following information:

  • Employment letters.

  • Authenticated documents.

  • Valid Passport

  • A colour I.D photo with a white background. Please don’t wear any jewellery or smile in your photo.


The Chinese embassy will then issue you with your work visa.

You are now ready to go to China!

What to Expect in China:

Some helpful advise from our team:


It’s best to know some Chinese before you get to china. Most Chinese people only speak Chinese. (Download Pleco Here)

Prepare yourself for a culture shock!

Keep your address handy when walking around so you can find your way back home.

You can’t use Facebook or WhatsApp there only WeChat or Viber. Make sure you and your friends are connected.

They are not shouting at you! That’s the way communication is done around here.

Don’t pack too many clothes or shoes there are tons, we mean tons of things to buy there!

Whenever you leave China, you’re required to be present at the police station to inform them of your address.

You’re going to want to take in your lease, your passport, and your previous registration to tell the authorities where you stay.

Personal space doesn’t really exist in China. Get used to being close to people.

Download Didi Chuxing for taxis Uber doesn’t work in Mainland China.

Bring start up cash, at least R12 000.