Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) refers to teaching the
English language to students with different first languages. TEFL
teachers may be native or non-native speakers of English.

Where do you start?
You need to speak English. Then get your TEFL training here. The objective of the
TEFL training is to ensure that you know how to teach English. You do not need to
be an expert in the English language. Since you already know how to read and
speak English, we will equip you with the required training to prepare you for
international TEFL job opportunities.

Do you need to know the language in the country where you want to teach? No. The
school is hiring you to teach and speak English. Your students usually have some
basic understanding of the English language. 99% of schools will want you to teach
ONLY in English.

So then what’s next?

Register for our free online course on How to Teach English Overseas. If you decide
to take one of our online TEFL training courses, we offer free tutoring with the
courses. The courses include ten podcasts and 15 videos that help you learn what
teaching is all about. We also offer teaching practice to help you get a practical idea
for a real life classroom. And, best of all, we assist in finding you a suitable employer.

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